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    Ottawa, the seasons suit you. #winter #canal #run

    Ottawa, the seasons suit you. #winter #canal #run

    — 1 year ago

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    Your pace or mine? #training

    Ottawa Race Weekend is 145 days away (just over 20 weeks). I decided that if I’m going to run a marathon, then I may as well run it well. I got away with little training for the two halves I ran last summer, but I would like to shave off some minutes. Also, double the distance seems a little daunting.

    Training so far has gone well. Traveling over the holidays made runs less consistent, but considering the amount of snow running I’ve done so far, I know I’ve made up for it.

    After looking at my runs for the rest of the week (as well as next) I realized I needed to set a time goal in order to figure out my pacing. As I mentioned before, if I’m going to run every kilometer of this marathon, I may as well do it well. Time goal? 3 hours, 34 minutes. Why? Because the Boston qualifying time is 3:35.

    — 1 year ago

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    Sneak peek of our marathon training schedule…@kikifrench PS @alexjcoghlan @dguffinstride @ailavoie you should join! #run #sweat #goals

    Sneak peek of our marathon training schedule…@kikifrench PS @alexjcoghlan @dguffinstride @ailavoie you should join! #run #sweat #goals

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    Daily challenge success: elbow sweat #sweatonceaday #run  (Taken with Instagram)

    Daily challenge success: elbow sweat #sweatonceaday #run (Taken with Instagram)

    — 2 years ago

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    park workouts.

    Added some spice to my run this morning and it included many cute dogs and a park. Jealous? I tried to pet as many furries as possible; most were receptive, some were not.

    To backtrack, I’m in Toronto visiting close friends this weekend. I’m staying with my fitness loving, coffee shop obsessed, most amazing friend Ewan who is great at holding me accountable to my half training while making it fun at the same time.  

    The run this morning was relatively short, but it was the park workout in the middle that made us sweat. From sidewalk lunges, pushup pyramids and high five squats, we felt the “burn” despite not using any actual equipment. Too bad I didn’t have my phone to snap a quick pic, but that also meant that I was unplugged for an hour, which is always a good thing!

    — 2 years ago

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    Basic 1/2 Marathon Training Guide →

    This was close to the training schedule my friend was telling me about. I didn’t run on Monday, so will run on Friday’s scheduled rest day instead. I’ll also increase the time limits for more mileage in the weeks leading up.

    — 2 years ago

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    to run fast means to train hard.

    Ottawa Race Weekend. May 26th, 2012. For the past 7 years I have raced either the 5km or 10km and have never seriously trained in preparation. They are an annual tradition with my mom - fun runs followed by pitchers, burgers and laughs at Lieutenant’s Pump on Elgin.

    This year though I decided to go for the gusto, and sign up for the half marathon. I figured that if I could run a 10km in 49mins without training the year before, I would be fiiine. Right? Well…let’s just say today was the furthest I had run since last summer (9km) and it was tough. I felt like I could keep going, but my speed was little to none. My boyfriend challenged me to sprint intervals the last 1.5km, which was great, but I was crawling.

    It’s now time to kick training into high gear. A friend passed along her training plan and it seems pretty straight forward. I have 77 days until race day and each and every one of them count. Bring it on!

    PS. I forgot one tiny detail to share. I initially thought that if I was going to run a half for the first time that it wouldn’t be enough to finish it. I would also have to run it relatively fast and as a result, set a goal time of 1h45mins (which means running the 10 twice in the same speed — eep!). I will continue to track my training progress. Go big or go home!

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    What’s better than a fitness challenge…than a fitness challenge via twitter! That’s exactly what Michelina, Sara, Olivia, Danielle and I are up to this week. Through a common love for anything and everything social media, as well as distance spanning Ottawa to Toronto, we’ve been tweeting each other sweat updates over these past few days. 

    This week’s challenge: 2 yoga classes, 1 run and 2 other (aka classes of our choice). So far I’m 3/5 — went to two classes at this wicked new studio called iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre and just finished a very sweaty moksha flow at Moksha Yoga Ottawa. Tomorrow’s plan is to run: bring on that +8 degrees!

    I’m feeling the burn, but am loving the support. Sweat & social media equal big smiles in my books. Thanks ladies for the invite to participate! Virtual high five.

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